You know it, you're at work, you're on your feet and you start to hurt you incredibly. You can't concentrate on your work, and you only think about the end of the job. But there are so many hours of pain left. If you experience these situations daily at work, try to think about why your feet are so terribly suffering. It's a poor quality shoe. Your feet deserve the comfort you also deserve to be those long hours at work without pain. Therefore, be sure to choose the right footwear and buy work footwear that is comfortable, quality and safe.
Tradition, quality and great prices
BRUDRA is a company with more than twenty years of tradition. We offer high quality working footwear of Czech production. We know that quality is very important and thanks to this we have a lot of satisfied customers. Quality at a reasonable price is our motto. Our offer includes sturdy ankle boots, low shoes, open footwear and rubberized footwear. Our range also includes traditional and popular farmers and prestige. Do not save on your feet and your health and want to be in comfort.

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