If you have figured out in your company where there is a mistake that reflects on the results of your employees ' work, then you have won. If you admit it, you're on a good path to success. If you choose corporate Education to correct the error, then the error will be removed without undue delay. Yes, usually the error happens in communication. It's exactly the same as in marriage. If you do not speak together, if you do not agree with each other, then the way of marriage leads to the inevitable collapse. And surely you would not want either in marriage or in a company you own.
Don't expect anything
Therefore, if the communication in the company is binding, if communication noise is produced. This means that one will say this, the other and the third knows only half, then the fourth has a nice mess in his head. It just wants to build a communication system that will suit all employees. Because you do not have this system in order, do not expect anything and get advice from experts in the field of effective communication. It doesn't matter to whom and when we say it, but also how we say it! It will also teach you.

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