Anyone who has a pool in the garden wants to have the water crystal clear. This does not, however, result in the cleanliness of the pool and water itself. No one wants to swim in the cloudy water that smells and leaves an undefinable film on the skin. Especially in the summer months, when the temperature rises to those tropical, you need to observe the water and rather disinfect more often. Pool chemistry is used for the purification of pool water. This will help you keep the pool water clean so that you can indulge yourself in peace without any consequences. Those who are allergic to chlorine can use non-chlorinated products to disinfect the pool water.
Easy and convenient method of water treatment
Who would not wish to have crystal clear water in the pool all the time of the bathing season. Of course there are plenty of ways to keep the pool water clean, but without pool chemistry you just have to. Chlorine-based preparations are proven, but may cause allergic reactions to some people. There are also non-chlorinated preparations on the market. A very convenient and easy solution to disinfect pool water is 25kg of tablet salt.

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