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Benefits Of A Dental Orthodontic Retainer

The orthodontic retainer phase is the most important stage in teeth straightening. You will need to wear a retainer once your orthodontist finishes straightening your teeth. It is sad that quite a number of people overlook wearing orthodontic retainers after they have their braces removed. It is important to note that you can only maintain a beautiful smile after getting your braces removed if you wear a dental orthodontic retainer. You can either get removable dental orthodontic retainers or the permanent ones.

Permanent retainers are used by people who are often forgetful because they cannot be removed. Orthodontists mainly encourage the use of permanent retainers in people who know how to maintain their teeth or those who had irregularities in their front teeth from the start. A lot of people prefer the removable retainers because of their simplicity. you can brush and floss your teeth with ease when using a removable retainer because you can remove it and clean it in your hand. Discussed in this article are the reasons why dental orthodontic retainers are important.

Firstly, dental orthodontic retainers will help chew away bacteria in the mouth. Straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth and dental orthodontic retainers will help you clean your teeth better by ensuring that they are straight. Straight teeth will also allow you to chew your food better, which will then stimulate the salivary glands to produce more saliva. Since saliva contains digestive enzymes, plaque build-up which eventually leads to cavities is prevented.

If you want your teeth to remain straight, you need to get yourself a dental orthodontic retainer. It is important to note that braces and Invisalign only give you straight teeth but they cannot help you maintain them, which is why you need a dental orthodontic retainer. You will have to start from scratch if you refuse to wear a retainer after getting your braces removed because your teeth will just go back to being misaligned. Having to repeat the entire procedure will be expensive.

Dental orthodontic retainers are also important because they will free your child from speech impediments. Teeth misalignment and malocclusion can make it difficult for a child to communicate effectively. A dental orthodontic retainer will not only align your teeth but it will also adjust the placement of the tongue, allowing you to talk better.

Fourthly, dental orthodontic retainers prevent diabetes. This is the case because sometimes diabetes is caused by poor dental hygiene. By keeping your teeth straight, retainers allow you to brush and floss better.
You have to ensure that you follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter if you want to wear a retainer for a short period of time. You can wear your retainer only at night if your dentist clears you.

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