Do you love the interpretation of angelic cards? Read these lines to learn more about them. Images consist of 44, which do not bind to each other. What a picture, the original. You choose from 1 to 3, which you will then find out what awaits you. You choose so little because it's enough. You also use your instincts to tell you what to do next. When you close your eyes, you think of the question you want to know. Then instinctively you will know what picture to choose. Celestial beings will help you in a nonviolent and loving way.
Council of Heavenly Beings
Each card is a message from heaven. You always feel that you have some instinct for a particular picture. The messengers will open to you. It is enough to help them open the door and let them enter their hearts. They will provide you with advice and guidance. The advantage is that these seers always advise you in a nonviolent and beautiful way. They never give you anything wrong, just the positives. That is because these beings themselves know what awaits you in your life and how to deal with it.  These divers only give you the same positive energy.

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